APP. CoachData For Football

One APP to bring all players stats, communication and averages together so that coaches can make educated decisions..




The Coach DATA program is designed to be as universal and scalable as possible. It makes it the perfect application for any committed coach to collect and analyse data as the game is being played. Never before has a coach had immediate access to data regarding players and opposition.




Until now, coaches did not have the ability to track player stats as the game unfolded. Now, they can get all the vital information instantly which helps in game day decisions.




There is nothing more harmful to a player than providing feedback without the evidence to support it. Players want to know their progress and providing accurate stats provides them with accurate feedback.




Coaches have to watch a number of kids and process the information to make gut decisions. With the Coach DATA App you can now make informed decisions using up to the minute statistics.




Coaches now have the information to award players at the end of the season or after the game based on actual performance and stats rather than a hunch..



Connect your Parents & Players to the App to record live STATS & SCORES during the game.

View other clubs, players or leagues stats and compare your own team or players against them

View opposition clubs players with leading stats.



Record and View live stats during the game

See Average Stats over the course of the season

View other clubs, players or leagues stats and compare your own team or players against them

View opposition clubs players with leading stats.

View Training Videos

Listen to the Free Podcast included.



Don’t have time to go to all the grounds to view all the games throughout the country? Request the player and or club that you have interest in to sign up to this app so that you can keep a close eye on potential recruits each week.

View clubs results as well as team stats

View players stats for the last game or on average throughout the year..

Limit time wasted travelling by simply clicking on this app and viewing vitals stats for players that you are interested in. Add them to favourites so that you have a short cut to them!


The best app for footy players, coaches, administrators, umpires and parents/guardians.





• Vital stats are recorded for each game by a parent or spectator

• View weekly stats and compare with your last game or even your yearly average.

• Follow live scores of matches scored on the Coach Data app

• Player season and career stats

• Follow clubs and other players so that you can compare.







Here are just a couple of clubs that have worked with PLANETT over the years.