About Custom Apparel



Performance Engineered Apparel

Founded in 1999 as a sportswear brand and still being operated by the same family, PLANETT has developed and invested heavily in to technology and machinery to become a leading supplier of custom apparel. We own the machines that brand the apparel. We are co-owners of the factory that make the apparel. We are the apparel experts and we want to pass on access to our experience to you. With over 20 years experience, why would you trust your brand, club or event to anyone else.


The Range

We have the capabilities to manufacture small to large volumes and this includes just about every type of apparel. Our past custom product range includes everything from pants to shorts, tees to hoodies, racewear to sportswear, merchandise to promotional products. There is not much that we can not make with our machines.


Past Projects

To view a small gallery of past jobs over the past 20 years, please click HERE.


Merchandise Order Facility

We can provide a online ordering portal (e-store) for your members or customers to purchase all of your merchandise range. This custom built software provides full integration of product to ordering and dispatch. We have invested heavily in to this industry leading software that will save you from having to employee staff or volunteers to run and handle your merchandise orders.


Merchandise Storage Facility

We understand that some organisations have unique requirements with their merchandise, uniforms and apparel needs. For such organisations, we can warehouse, pack, ship all orders for them by utilising our custom built online ordering software.


Merchandise Design Department

We have not only the capabilities of inhouse design but we also have access to Bec Simmons who is regarded as Australia's leading merchandise graphic artist. Her history and work speaks volume and she is one of the few people that we trust with the importance of merchandise artwork, creation and design.

From day one we have been passionate about designing and developing cutting edge apparel. That passion has only grown stronger as we have developed a greater love of the sport and a greater respect for those involved.

Why Us?

We are different to our competitors and what makes us different is important! First we have over 25 years experience in the apparel industry. We have seen competitors come and go. We have seen styles come and go... but we are still here.

We have invested in to our own printing and embroidery machines so that we can do branding right here in Australia. We have invested in to a off shore production factory so that we can retain 100% control over our products and production. Did you know that most of our competitors have not even stepped foot in to the apparel factory making their garments! Crazy!

Finally, The Opposition

Did you know that most of our competitors have not even stepped foot in to the factory that is making your range! To us this is insane that a organisation would trust a business with no formal training, no experience and one that has not even invested in to machinery. We have tested some of our competitors and not one of them could even tell us what chemicals are used in the construction of the fabrics. Some factories use cancer causing agents as a bonding agent and these competitors did not even know the answer. To us, this is unacceptable. Can we suggest that you trust only suppliers with experience, machinery and have invested heavily in to the industry and not those that are operating from a kitchen table at home.



Here are just a couple of clubs that have worked with PLANETT over the years.