APP. Rider Data for Motocross

One APP to bring all riders stats, communication and times together so that coaches can make educated decisions..



Welcome to the leading Live STAT and Time Keeping platform for Motocross Racing. This App puts live stats and times in the hands of coaches, parents and spectators. Using our Advanced Algorithm built within this App, parents, riders, coaches and recruiters can now record all important stats for a player. It also allows others to save riders or teams to favourites so that they can keep track of the progress and results of each rider and or team.



Connect your Parents & Riders to the App to record live STATS & TIMES during each event.

View other riders stats and compare your own riders

View opposition riders with leading stats.



Record and View live stats during the race

See Average Stats over the course of the season

View other rider stats and compare your own against them

View opposition riders with leading stats.

View Training Videos

Listen to the Free Podcast included.



Don’t have time to go to all the tracks to view all the races throughout the country? Request the rider that you have interest in to sign up to this app so that you can keep a close eye on potential recruits each week.

View rider results as well as team stats

View riders stats for the last race or on average throughout the year..

Limit time wasted travelling by simply clicking on this app and viewing vitals stats for riders that you are interested in. Add them to favourites so that you have a short cut to them!


The best app for riders, coaches, administrators, and parents/guardians.





• Vital stats are recorded for each race by a parent or spectator

• View weekly stats and compare with your last race or even your yearly average.

• Follow live times of races scored 

• Rider season and career stats

• Follow other riders so that you can compare results.