Club & Team Affiliate Program


Welcome to an Planett CLUB Affiliate Program. The best way for you to supply your members quality merchandise, save your club money and time and on top of that, make money.



Are you tired of trying to track sales and count stock for your club or team? Do you wish that there was a better way to operate your clubs merchandise store? If you answered yes, then the Planett Affiliate Program is perfect for you. This program takes all the hassles from you and rewards your club financially at the same time. 



Welcome to an exciting and exclusive opportunity that can help you unlock your earning potential and take your online ventures to new heights! We are thrilled to introduce our Planett CLUB Affiliate Program, an innovative and rewarding initiative designed to empower clubs, teams, shops, individuals, and content creators like you to join forces with us and reap the benefits of a mutually beneficial partnership.

In today's dynamic digital landscape, affiliate partnerships have emerged as a powerful strategy for individuals and businesses alike to grow their income streams. Our Affiliate Program offers a unique platform for you to collaborate with us, promote our products or services, and earn attractive commissions for every successful sale you bring our way.

Join us as we embark on this journey together, where your dedication and passion can translate into substantial financial rewards.

In this introduction, we will delve into the key aspects of our Affiliate Program, highlighting the benefits, the ease of participation, and the resources available to help you succeed. Get ready to unlock your potential, maximize your earnings, and build a thriving partnership with us. Welcome to the future of affiliate marketing!


Our Affiliate Program is ideal for...

- Clubs wanting the best method to provide their families with quality merchandise and at the same time make money for the club from every sale.

- Ride shops wanting to expand their online presence with little to no financial outlay.

- Online influencers looking to use their reach for financial gain.

- Teams wanting to make a profit and supply awesome uniforms to their members.







Affiliate Members will have access to all the information you need about your accounts, traffic, conversions, comissions and payments on the front-end area of PLANETT Affiliate Tracker!



You will have access to all your accounts, you will be able to edit contact details or payment method details, and will have the option to apply for new affiliate accounts if required.



You will see a list of all sales generated (and that have been previously approved, automatically or manually by you), how much profit they generated and how much comission you have earned for these sales.


Traffic logs

Affiliates will see all the traffic generated using their affiliate links, filter results by date range, etc.



They will see their complete payment history










To apply for your club, shop, team, event or social media account , simply click this LINK and fill in all the information.

Once we receive your application, we will get back to you with full details.




I'm signed up, now what?  

  1. First we need to be approved by the Planett affiliate team before you can access your referral url. Please allow 48 hours for the approval process to be complete. 
  2. Share the unique link that we provide for you with all your friends and followers. Add to IG stories as swipe up to shop feature, or link in your blog.
  3. Anytime someone purchases with your unique URL, you’ll receive commission (of the purchase price, before taxes & shipping).
  4. Commission will be paid on all sales made from your unique link.


How do I promote my referral link? 

There are so many ways! Sharing with your friends is easy - send your link via text to your besties to check out the brand and share why you love Planett. Our ambassadors also love to post photos along with their Unique link to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or put it in their bio


How do I get paid?

All commissions and referred sales are tracked directly in the affiliate portals, simply login to your account to view your commissions


Do I get free gear?

We don't offer free gear to affiliates, but we can swap commissions for gear in equal value.


Will I receive a discount? 

We are hoping to release this feature in the very near future. Elect affiliates may receive a discount code to use on the website during specific promotion periods.