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FM Ladies Hoodie

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Late June 2020


Needing a extra warm hoodie to get you through the colder months?

Want a hoodie that has a inbuilt neck warmer and face mask?

Here at Planett we saw a need with incorporating a facemask in to a garment rather than having to carry around a facemask. We want to make facemask fashionable and want to be worn. Our extra warm hoodie with inbuilt facemask ticks two boxes. First it keeps your neck warn and stops cold air getting in the front of the hoodie and cooling the body down. Second, simply pull the neck warmer up and you have a inbuilt facemask which is perfect should you find yourself in a room or shopping centre with lots of people and 1.5mtr space hard to find.  


80% Cotton, 20% Polyester..


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